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The Liberators

The powerless suddenly become powerful; Young adults in the urban core of L.A. are suddenly showing signs of superpowers. They are being hunted by a shadow organization who seeks to protect the status quo. An unlikely team must come together to face down conspiracy and death while learning what it means to be heroes.

The Liberators is intended to be social commentary that tackles subjects like racism, police brutality, corruption, etc. 

Volume 1 Completed

*Seeking Artist & Publisher*

The Endlings

The last of any species is known as "The Endlings". This 2 title story is about the Ceratopsians, who are led by Tyrus, a protagonist turned antagonist. And Rhett & Luna, the last two surviving humans who team up with the intergalactic police after being rescued from the moon. They are in search for who destroyed the Earth; which puts them on a collision course with Tyrus.

This story is full of action, comedy, and death. 

*Seeking Artists & Publisher*

Issue 1 Completed


The classic duo retold in 20+ short stories!

More Information Coming Soon!


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